It's my lucky day!

Jim Wilson

WCHA Member
Picture if you will, a triangle in the back of my yard. At one point of the triangle is a covered rack with 6 canoes in it, in various stages of construction or restoration. Some actually done!

At another point is a 1919 OT Otca that I recanvased just prior to assembly. It is sitting on a couple of sawhorses at the moment.

At the third point is another rack with my OT ABS canoe, one complete form and another form under construction.

Now envision a 35-40 ft long limb from a very large Chestnut Oak falling smack into the middle of the triangle (right on my hammock...sigh). It is no more than 20 ft from any one of those triangle points!

Other than a destroyed hammock, no damage done. Somebody up there must like me today!
Way to go Jim! Good fortune like this only comes (in my opinion) from great karma. In this case, it must be canoe karma. You've clearly laid the foundation for this experience with some marvelous acts in the past. Regale in your good fortune and keep being a great guy, as it's obvious you are.
And NOT my lucky day here! I was working on a Robertson courting canoe, getting it ready for the trim, and and I DROPPED the damn thing. It of course hit the saw horse on the way down. punched a deck through . (the decks are 3/8 material), busted the hell out of the deck. The screws are buried under the paint, the canvas, the planking. Why do I engage in this esoteric hobby???