Is it a Chestnut?


Curious about Wooden Canoes
hi all,
I´m able to buy two chestnuts. one is a prospector (number: 15720 or 15770) the other (the green one) is a 16 footer with shoekeel (number: 17562). could it be a pal or a deer?
I´ve got no measures only the pics.
thanks for help


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Im surprised no one has responded.Chestnut serial number records do not exsist as far as we know
The green one is most likely a Pal, and if the beam is 36", then it was built between 1961 and 1979.

Chestnut serial numbers don't help us, as no records are known to survive.
chestnut pal

Thanks for reply and help Dan, Kathryn and Dan!
I picked the green one up! If such a canoe is on the market here in Germany you have to buy it, regardeless of which price is asked for. And the price was very good!
I compared the measures with the info’s on the dragonfly site (thanks Dan!) and I am sure now: it is a Pal. The beam is 36".
I understood that the serial numbers are not helpful but I wondered if anyone has got one with a serial number near by the numbers I posted, I could get a clue for the year it was build, or is this digressive?
Again thanks for help!
Mid 60s to mid 70s is likely the range. the Chestnut side decal is one clue. I don't think they started using that much before 68.

Another indicator may be general construction quality. Look at profile of the outwale: if its rounded over--not rectangular--then 65 to 69 more likely. Check underside of thwarts. Are they rough finished, unplaned, showing table saw marks even, then 70s more likely. The sloppier the workmanship, the more likely they're from early to mid 70s, when Chestnut was struggling and experimenting with cheaper piece work construction techniques.