Inwales nails trevails


Trout Bum
When I ripped and beveled my spruce inwales they came out 13/16th instead of 7/8s on the narrow face. Ordered some 5/8 bronze ring-shank nails thinking (I know) they would be less likely to split the wales. Now I'm wondering if they will hold well enough.

What would you do, use the 5/8" nails or order some 3/4":confused: ?
Hi Brian

I just re did a OT CR that had been 'restored' years ago. The canoe had been cut down and the ribs fastened to the inwale with tacks. With the outwales off and the canvas off the tacks mostly fell out and the inwales mostly fell off too. BUT Until I took the canoe apart you would never know. If your ribs are 5/16 and your nails are 10/16ths (5/8ths), I should think two would hold well.