Tack vs. Ring Nail

Dave Wermuth

Who hid my paddle?
I am finishing up the planking on an 18'er. At the very edge of the shear the tacks go into the inwhale instead of below it and thus they don't clinch over like those just below the inwhale. So, will they hold? Or pull out? Are they even needed? Tacks used for the canvas hold, right? I use staples and have never used tacks to hold canvas on.
Should I use ring nails? Seems like alot of fasteners in a small area. So far, I usually have used some tacks and some bronze ring nails. What about using staples to fasten that top edge?
Thanks, Dave.
dave, we have done all our canvas with ss staples. and i just clench tack the planks below the inwales where necessary and leave the outwale to clamp the left overs. no ring nails and no problems yet.
What Bob said. Screwing on the outwales is more than sufficient to hold that last 3/4" of planking in place.