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Curious about Wooden Canoes
I just bought a E.M. White canoe. I've read a few things about these boats but very little about the construction and I haven't seen any photos of one with sponsons. The boat I bought is sponsoned and I'd like to become familiar with deck, gunnel and stem details as to bring her back to original glory. I'd also like to try and narrow a date down if at all possible. Thanks, Reid selling 001.jpg
Hello Reid,

I'll attach information from the 1919 White catalog, courtesy of the Historic Wood Canoe and Boat Company Catalog Collection CDs available from and on the web.

The 1915 catalog-- which is the one immediately preceding the 1919 on the catalog CD-- has a sponson canoe with the rear seat a D-shape, so your canoe is later than 1915. Perhaps there are other factors that could help nailing down the age and other details that would help with restoration.



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Hello Kathy,

Thanks so much. I have to buy that CD. I haven't gotten the boat home yet but I think the seats may not be original. I'll find out soon.

By the way, your new boat looks wonderful.

DSC_0178.JPGDSC_0113.JPGDSC_0111.JPGDSC_0108.JPGDSC_0095.JPGDSC_0094.JPGThanks David, I got the canoe home and removed the fiberglass and spent time looking for numbers. I found numbers stamped on a rib(W1056-0000-2403). I'd like to share these images of the brass plate and rib numbers. I have looked at the inwales for signs of a D shaped rear seat to no avail. I have a few older canoes (1913,1914,1915,1916 and 1919) some in good shape an some very rough. When I removed the glass this boat appears to have been very well cared for. Looks like one spliced stem and a few small planking repairs are all that it has received asside from the glassing. It also has some steel fastenings. I picked the boat up 60 miles East of St Paul. Any knowledge of E.M. White serial numbers or the possibility of a restorers' number would be appreciated. I'd like to know how long this model ran. I also have questions on recanvassing and gunwale details. Thanks
The sponson canoe with decks like yours is shown through the 1920 E.M. White catalog. In 1921 and on, the deck treatment shown is different.
Thank you Dan, It was nice talking to you today. CD check is in the mail..