E.M. White Sponson Canoe

Kathryn Klos

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Just bought what we think is an E.M. White with closed gunwales and sponsons. The deck construction is interesting... doesn't appear you could decide to leave the sponsons off this canoe. Seller says it's 16 feet.... could be a really fun canoe that we could try out on Da Big Lake.



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A friend is picking it up for us and will send us more pictures. The two tiny far-away ones were in the original craigslist ad, and the other two were sent by the seller. The deck matches what I see in the 1919 White catalog, but the seat on the sponson canoe isn't a D by then. The earlier catalogs have the D seat but I can't see the deck configuration well and the sponson canoe in the earlier catalogs has no thwarts.

E.M. White claims to have invented sponsons.

The seller says they've been paddling this canoe all summer. That's a total plus!

Wood looks a bit hungry for moisture of the non-rain-type.
Did you have to pay extra for the pine needles?

To my eye, the deck-end treatment is different in the earlier catalog - looks to me like the covering board end is shaped similar to the white "pointed" style deck, whereas the straight coaming shows up in the 1919 catalog - the combination of hoop-style stern seat and straight coaming might very well place it in the 1916-1918 range.

Neat boat - but I'm glad I don't have to put it on top of the car!

Thanks, Dan... as I look in the earlier catalogs, I see what you mean.

We're thinking we need a trailer anyway...
The Red White

Denis's friend Richard of Maine picked up the red White, so I'm adding pictures he sent.

This is a 16 footer, advertised on craigslist as an Old Town. It is presumed to be water-worthy, but we can't verify that for a few months.

This canoe needs to keep its sponsons, even though it's probably heavy and these sponsons aren't particularly "invisible".

When we actually have the canoe in front of us and know more about it, I'll make a video.



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Kathy I am going to look at a canoe that i believe is the one in this post. It is in Tennessee....is that possible?
To my eye, that appears to be the same canoe. It's wandered pretty far from Maine.
Look at the bow seat to convince yourself....
The glass may peel off easily but the resin is probably still laying on the planking and also seeped into all of the wider spaces. It's removable with time and heat.
It could be interesting once it's restored.
Yeah you’re right it is the one. I met Tim last night and he got it from Kathy. It has really good bones and would be a good one to restore. Tim is VERY knowledgeable and was a great help. I’ll keep you posted if it happens to make its way to my shop.
Well Tim and I worked it out that the White will be with me now. I started removing the fiberglass last night and it just peels right off.
I found 3 cracked/broken ribs right along the keel under the bow seat. So now I get to learn how to replace them! There is some planking that will have to be replace too but all in all I am very excited to have it. Once I get all the fiberglass off I am going to store it until winter ( if I can wait that long) to start work on it. So expect a bunch of questions. I have built 5 Strippers but this will be my first Wood/Canvas.