Huron fixer upper - first try


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Last year I came across a huron cedar canvas canoe in fairly good shape, but in need of some tlc. The price was right, so I bought it. I figured it would be a good first cedar/canvas project.
The canoe was missing the outwales, and the stem tops were rotten. The canvas was tacked to the inside gunwales, I don't know if this is a common feature with huron canoes, but becasue of this I think the moisture was trapped and most of the canvas was rotten on top and came apart.
I didn't want to restore it, just fix it up so I can use it a few years and then do a full restoration, if necessary.
So this spring I took the canoe in the garage and fixed it as good as I could. It was really a nice experience, but it took me a lot longer than I first anticipated. I probably did some things in a way that some of the purists would frown upon, but hey it's my boat.
Now it is ready for the first trip, just in time for my vacation, where I plan to use it on some lakes in the Alberta Rockies. I'll post my 'adventures' in the places to paddle forum, when I'm back.




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Nice going Max. It's amazing how many Hurons become the "first of many" in the WC canoe rebuild world. They were my first and like all first loves hold a special place in the soul. I've kept two of them, a 14'6" and a 16'. They seem to take me out on the water way more often than any of the other boats I have.

Yours looks like one of the better made ones. Maybe a Wednsday. I have a Monday, "getting over the weekend hangover model", everything is totally wonky and a Friday, "lets get this done and get out of here" model. Love them both.

Have fun in the Alberta Rockies. I grew up there so will be most interested in your tales of adventure when you get back.