Hey R.C., eat your heart out!!!!!

chris pearson

Michigan Canoe Nut
Be nice and I might ship this week....:)


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Hi Chris,

My heart is okay but I am having a hard time breathing. Gorgeous! I am being as nice as I can be.

R.C. brought a 16 foot Racine back from the dead, literally. Post a few photos R.C.! He had major work to do. I just happened to make a 17 foot 1/8th scale model, so I chopped the middle of the mold out and reproduced the canoe the best I could, I believe the model is a Navajo. I'll put the mold back together now to continue making the 17 foot scale models. It was luck that I just happened to make Racine replicas, Jack McGreivey gave me the lines for the form.


Your work is incredible! I can't wait to get the two Racines side by side. I just finished the rack to hold the little Racine.


Can some clever computer juggler put the two sets of photos together on the same thumbnail bar?

Now Brad, that is a neat trick! It really shows Chris' skill at precise model making. I will keep the new model and the canoe in the background but sell the near one real cheap.

Thanks for the doppelganger.

That's slick! But Brad, are you sure the paint was cured enough to go putting that beauty in the sand?:rolleyes: Maybe there is no trick photography just one of Chris's amazing dioramas?

Both are are amazing!!