peterboat resurrected

Andre Cloutier

Firestarter. Wicked Firestarter.
Ah, liquid joinery - what else stabilizes and encapsulates rot? Dan Miller eat your heart out. Just call me 007. James Bondo, licensed to fill.
soon the 13' will be back with side decks, dagger trunk and rope steered tiller.
Another sailing canoe rescued from the bush, lost in the woods. ha.
This heading is so lonely I had to start another project for fear they do away with stitch and goo altogether..:p


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$3.79 rudder hardware

Had a heart attack at West Marine looking at pintals and gudgeons, hit the Home Depot and behold - Stanley rudder hardware totally mislabelled!
Exotic woods provided Sipo guitar necks that didnt pass muster for $5 a board, laminated with Pine makes a sweet rudder and dagger (not shaped yet)
Centerboard case moved inboard rather than the less than stylish outboard cleats as designed. Fall launch still acheivable..;)


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the putty princess

Gil, thanks for the kind words. Another year or 2 and this boat was on its way to being landfill, but it gets a reprieve - pretty good for being left out year after year, couldnt do that with a w/c - infinitely repairable thanks to epoxy and the construction method. Just like to add the odd touch to dress them up here and there. The 16/30s we put together owe their existance to fillets and biaxial weave, couldnt imagine putting one together traditionally with 2 kids and one on the way. Besides, cant fit a steam box in my garage :eek:
game called on account of rain

figures you just get into a roll and the skies open. Ah well
just need to shape the coaming, whack together a seat back and cut a handle hole in the dagger and attach the skeg and paint. oh and trim and attach lines.
Should note this whole boat is a recycle project, and except for the 4mm ply decking all the wood used was scrap, and hatches, hardware etc are all leftovers.
Long live the barbedwire boat.:p


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You know what they say, you can hide an awful lot of sins under a coat of paint...:D

Just what, exactly, was that, before you started the vivisection?

You know what they say, you can hide an awful lot of sins under a coat of paint..
Didnt I read that on your business card?
Guess you could call it a vivisection, since there was live mould and rot in it.
More like a sisterectomy.
It was a John Bull designed Little Pete, watch out when I put the 30sq lateen on, you'll need that hiking board.
add paint and sail

tomorrow is primer and paint day. finally stopped raining. gonna wet it next weekend. booyaa.;)


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Dan was right!

paint hides (almost) all - didnt go fanatical on the sanding, this is a beater after all.
now to the guwale strips and rigging.:)
Here's a finished little Pete, with fugly outside cleats for daggerboard as initially designed circa 1991.
Now to name it. The only thing that comes to mind after the upside down shot is beluga.


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unfurling the main (kind of)

no seatback, thats this afternoon along with the kick up rudder lower. but almost there....:eek: and one more coat of paint and varnish if it doesnt snow...


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score one for stitch and goop

now to make a double blade paddle. Anyone have a couple of broken ones?
stay tuned for the kids kayak on the drawing board...:confused:

ah, you're a fairweather sailor arent ya. besides, i liberated a whole sheet of copper from my roofer buddy for the sheathing.:D
really getting colder lately up here, and the leaves are down. hard water wont be far off...