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Bill Mackey

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We are planning to come to the Assembly from Colorado with our camping trailer. Would like information on what to see in the area around Keuka Park or available to see in a week of traveling and camping. We are planning a week or so after to tour the area. Do you have info on interesting places to see, antique hunting, good places to eat near and far,and of course special places to launch the canoe that are considered worth while. I am sure that others on the forum would also profit from any info you might post here. Looking forward to meeting you all. Keep your gunwales dry.
By no means exhaustive, here are some suggestions:

Around Keuka and the other Finger Lakes are a variety of vineyards and wineries, most of which do tours and samplings.

A little south is the Glass Museum in Corning.

Cooperstown has the Farmer's Museum (a reconstructed early 1800's village) and the Baseball Hall of Fame. Ommegang Brewery is also there.

About 3 hours north of Keuka Park, in Clayton, NY is the Antique Boat Museum, a fantastic facility on the St. Lawrence River with everything from a 10' lapstrake canoe to the La Duchess gilded-age houseboat. This will be the second and last year of their special exhibit on J.H. Rushton and his canoes and boats.

You will also not be far from the Adirondack Park, where camping and canoeing opportunities abound. A visit to the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake is well worth the time.
A little west (2 hours), perhaps on your way in or out, you have Niagara Falls and some touresty areas nearby. Bring Passport and jump across the river to the Canadian side - more to do, little cleaner, little better views.

Though nothing compared to Colorado - Letchworth State Park is the "Grand Canyon of the East" - some nice scenery. Go south to Watkins Glen for more pretty gorges and waterfalls and if your are into auto racing, the track.

Looking forward to seeing you at Assembly.

Just a word to the wise: Interstate 80 around the south end of the Chicago area can be one huge traffic jam, with a lot of traffic & countless trucks, oh and by the way, it's always under construction. If you hit it at the right times, you can do okay, but rush hour can start as early as 4AM, and last 'til 10PM... You might consider alternate routes, like I-74 to Indianapolis.

Guess I've been parked on that road too many times...
Same parking lot?!?!?!

I've done that way too many times myself. Here is the thing to do.... Just after you get to the IN border, find your way to Hwy 6. This is a road in REALLY good shape, you can go 55-65 on it the whole way except for about 5 (2 block) friendly little villages with gas that seems to always be 10 -15 cents cheaper per gallon. You will have the road to yourself the entire way!!! It's a breeze!!! No tolls, no sitting in stopped traffic, no sitting with a semi in front, behind and on all sides, Very easy on the nerves especially with a canoe on top or on a trailer. Me, I would never take a canoe on a trailer on 80. Might as well just beat them with sledge hammers before you leave your driveway. Hwy 6 has become my favorite little dream route through IN, going east and it's only a couple miles south of 80.