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I removed the canvas off the canoe and here is what I found. The first pic shows a white band that runs all along the top edge and stems of the canoe,it looks like it was brushed on can some one tell me what it may be?

Also the edge of the planking where the canvas was tacked has many splits and broken pieces (second Pic) will all of this planking need to be replaced?


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You will find this on just about every OT canoe pre mid 50’s/early 60’s, at least that has been my experience. Funny thing is super early OT’s do not seem to have it.

If memory serves me correct the lead is smeared on before the second fold of canvas is brought around the stem face for tacking, thereby bedding the second fold to the hull. I’m guessing that the thought behind it is probably to aid as a water barrier if the canvas fold ever started to come loose.