Finishing the stem


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I replaced the 1919 Old Town canvas today. Stretching the canvas was pretty straightforward. My question to those more experienced than I is
how to do a decent job of finishing the outer stem area. This canoe had no wood outer stem, it was canvas then the 1/2 round brass band.
As it stands now, the 2 layers of canvas have been tacked to the inner stem, and it leaves a ragged edge on one side. How do you guys neatly
finish this prior to mounting the brass rub strip?
When I staple it, I put the first row of staples just beyond halfway and then add the bedding compound and fasten the other side right down the middle which covers the first row of staples. Then I carefully trim it. then as I add filler, it eventually gets covered and smooth and the stem band hides it. I think some add bondo but I'm not sure and have not done it myself.