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Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hello everybody, im new to the forum so please excuse any dumb questions i have. I own a 1951 Stainless steel starcraft 12 footer but just found 2 old canoes i need help with.

I bought these 2 today. One is about 16 foot and was fffiberglassed in the 50s by the previous owner. He seemed to think it was a Morris and a 1911 was his guess. He also said it.used to have a seat with sail holder. I cannot locate a manufacturers tag.

The other is about 17 feet long and the ribs have a smallerrib in between each larger one. Ill take detailed pics when i get them home.

Anybody have any guesses????


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Hello. Your photos suggest to me a BN Morris and an EM White, but more pictures would help. Most Morris canoes have a serial number on a brass plate, which is either on the stem on the floor of the canoe, at the bow end, or on the left-side-inwale at the bow end, above the first full rib. You may want to check these suggestions in the list of manufacturers in the KnowledgeBase (see list at top of this page) to compare with what you have. It appears you have some nice old canoes!

Thanks Kathy you rock!! Im takng them.out of the owners barn soon. I bought the pair for 350, i hope i didnt ay too much considering they were canvas boats that ended up being fiberglassed later in life. Any clue to the value if they are indeed a morris and white?
Here's a discussion of "value" that covers all the bases:

Fiberglass can range from "easy to remove" to "huge pain", but it can be done. It's been discussed here in Forums quite a bit... you can use the "search" function (above right) or ask specific questions. More pictures would help determine the amount of work needed on the canoes, which naturally affects value. I like to see old girls like this rescued and put back to use!
Fiberglassed in the 50s... I think that pre-dates epoxy resins, and the earlier polyester resins are rumoured to be much easier to remove. Keep your fingers crossed!?!?!?
It was fiberglassed in 60s....i received some more info from.the owner last night. He thinks late 60s to be exact so its gonna be an epoxy resin. I ws hoping 50s too for the same reason!

However, i dont intend on restoring these beauties. Id much rather put them into more capable hands so they can see the water again. He floated them until the late 70s.

Once i get them home out of his barn i will take a zillion pics and put them up for sale. I paid 350 fo the pair i hope i didnt overpay.
Assuming these are early MORRIS and EM WHITE, any clue to a rough value for an old canoe that was fiberglassed? I read the link on values but im.sort of lost. Basicallly, just figuring out if i overpaid. Im just hoping to.get.these boats into the right hands and save them from the dumpster
Both canoes probably need a full restoration. I think you paid about right. They appear to be good "project boats" for someone wanting to do the work themselves and end up paddling a nice historic canoe.
Agree. The price sounds reasonable. Although I have a canoe in the shop now that needs the 'glass removed, I generally avoid them and consider a 'glassed canoe to hold less value than a similar canoe without 'glass.
Definitely, Dave... but a Morris... Had I only room in my shop.... Yeah, like I need more project boats...
Thanks, i kind of did have a major dream to restore one and paddle the mississippi river with my son 15 or so years from now. But....i dismissed that cuz im not a woodcrafter!
Please post some pics of the other one (not the Morris) when you get a chance. Interested in its sheerline and details, thanks. Overall a nice find - you wont retire off them, but nice boats for someone that wants to take on their restoration.
I will post thursday night. Like i said, i like rescuing stuff that would most likely end up in a dumpster or scrap. History deserves to live
Ufos morris and white?

Finally got these two boats. One is a WHITE and the other that was thought to be a MORRIS has a serial number of 12061. Im guessing a 1912 MORRIS? Anyway they are with me now and i need to find homes for.them.


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Ufos morris and white?

Finally got these two boats. One is a WHITE and the other that was thought to be a MORRIS has a serial number of 12061. Im guessing a 1912 MORRIS? Anyway they are with me now and i need to find homes for.them.