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Hi folks, I was registered on the old forum as "newcanoe" and got a lot of valuable help with my Thompson Ranger. Thanks in large part to you guys, it is looking good and paddling hard. Plus, I am addicted. I have now acquired a 16' Old Town in need of some resto and I am having trouble figuring out what it is. I cannot find a plate or a serial # - It has an added plate on one deck reading
Bessy Woods
Peter E. Dahlquist

The canoe is 16' x 35 1/2" wide and about 13 1/2" deep. It looks a little like an OTCA but has the shorter 16" decks. It has only 2 thwarts, at about the 1/3 positions. I will post pics tomorrow but in the meantime, any ideas?

Thanks in advance, Paul
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OK, here are a few quick shots - There is a lot going on in the garage right now! As you can see, there is no center thwart, just the two in the pic, the seats appear to be replacements, and a lot of work was done on this canoe in the past. Am I being stupid about the serial #? I cannot find one stamped on either stem. Thanks for looking and your input.



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