Help*ID'n a canoe for a newbie

First a quick intro. I have always loved wood/canvas canoes. My parents had a 17' Old Town when I was a kid and I just bought my first wood/canvas week ago.

It's a 20'a, that's in need of some work. The front deck is 10 1/2" across and 12" down on each side and the rear deck is 11" across and 16" down the sides.

here is the link to the pics of the canoe.

I have not found any serial#s on the front stem and can't get the center planking up to look at the rear stem.
Ufda! :eek:

From your photos, I can't make out anything distinguishing, but I can see where you're going to be very busy if you're going to restore this one. Either someone has a lot of confidence / hope in your woodworking skills, or they're trying to get even with you - LOL. Are you stripping the canvas? Can't see from the photos - besides the obvious damage to the inwale and outwale - how much damage / rot is there? Looks like a worthwhile project. Have fun!

From what I could see the stems look good and the worst of it is just the gunwales.
I do plan to re-canvas it, it has a couple fiberglass patches in it and there is one cracked rib.

The price was right so I figured it was worth a try.

I am looking forward to cleaning it up. It came out of the Allagash area and hope to tour the lakes of the upper Allagash with it in 2010.
That boat is very restorable and a great way to get involved with a very addicting hobby!

Is the boat canvassed or fiberglassed? The photos look more like glass to me.
Canvas w/glass repairs. It will be coming off and recanvased.

I just found a source for gunwales, I have two choice right now Oak or Ash? With the size of the canoe I'm not concerned about the weight of using hard wood over spruce.
Ash is more durable than spruce and won't stain as badly as oak.

Though the decks are a little different - might that be a Miller canoe? Nictau, NB area.