Help identifying a wood canvas canoe.


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I am looking at purchasing a wood canvas canoe. It needs an overhaul. It has some cracked ribs, some rot in the bow, needs the seats cained and new canvas. I have not inspected it personally, just pictures. It is about 180 miles away and the owner knows not of the make. I have some pictures if someone could help me identify the possible make of this canoe. Not sure how to post here, but can send pictures to an email address. It is a 16 foot canoe and any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Help posting pic's...


Scroll down to to the last forum, Website Suggestions and select postings back for 1 year. Specifically, 4/9/2005, "Posting Pic's" by Zach with attachments.

This should help and there are a bunch of people here that can help you identify your canoe along with advice on it's restoration.

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Updated, pictures added.

Thanks for the help uploading pictures. I have attached several pictures. If someone could help me identify possible makes of this canoe and estimates on what it may be worth or if it is restorable, it would be much appreciated. I plan on restoring it for use, not as a show piece or anything. Thanks again.

Canoe ID

I guess Carlton.

Shape of an Old Town but heart shaped decks. Seats and thwarts look Old Town/Carlton also. But the screws in everother rib for the keel make me wonder.