New guy looking for help identifying canoe


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hi all,

Great site. I recently purchased a fishing camp and a couple of canoes came with it, including this 22 foot long canvas canoe. The canvas is in good shape and structurally it appears sound. It would need some touching up. Any help identifying it would be appreciated.



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Hi RodO,

I -think- it could be a Chestnut Salmo, a 22-foot fishing model. It was also available in 18, 20 and 24' lengths. If so, width and depth would be 38" and 14 1/2". Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will confirm.

Thanks Martin. That was one of the possibilities I had considered with my limited knowledge. I am in NB so Chestnuts are quite prevalent. I forget to get the other measurements. I do not know if there are any markings to look for? Perhaps someone else will weigh in to make it unanimous.
Welcome-- and congratulations on getting what appears to be a nice canoe along with your fishing camp!

The Dragonfly site is a good starting-point for canoe identification. Click on "Chestnut" on the left-hand column... the background of the company is interesting-- it's one of the enjoyable parts of owning an old canoe.