Hello from Ukraine :)


Canoeist Andrey
Hello everyone!
I'm a canoe-builder from Ukraine. Me and my team making wooden-canvas canoes in Ukraine. We have just one canoe plan and it's Gerrish - very nice canoe with cool shapes. We really like it. So we opened first original canoe-workshop in our country and named it Ginkgo-Canoe - to build more canoes, because the best way for loving canoes and know them better - to build them :))
Hope to get here more info and some help sometimes :)

Peace for all of You!


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Unrepentant Canoeist
Welcome to the WCHA! It's good to hear of your exploits in canoe building. Please post pictures... we like pictures... "needs a little work," work in process, completed project, and launched... We wait with bated breath!

Kathryn Klos

squirrel whisperer
Hello Andrey,

What a thrill to learn what you are doing! Your canoe is beautiful. Thank you for posting about it here and please share more pictures if you can. I'd love to know about the places you paddle in the Ukraine. It's a joy knowing you are bringing canoeing to a part of the world I would never have expected to find a canoe!