Hello from Revelstoke


Remember those you miss...
Hello all
I have been a great admirer of wood and canvas canoes since introduced to them so long ago by my best friend who has since passed.
He was an avid canoeist and outdoorsman. At a time he owned 18 canoes all but one being wood and canvas.
I finally found my canoe after searching for many years.
It's a Faber Ranger 16 and it's in wonderful condition. Yesterday was my first paddle in it and was more then happy with it.
Looking forward to learning and reading the forums here and becoming as avid a canoe enthusiast as my friend Dan was.
Welcome to the Forum and the WCHA. If I am not mistaken, your friend Dan was an active member of this forum. You can likely find posts of his using the search function.
Thank you Fitz for the information. I knew he was a member and it's nice to read his old posts.

My avatar I added is a paddle he left his 'signature' on :)

Looking forward to learning more from the former and members of WCHA.