Hello from Pickering Ontario


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HI Everyone,
I joined the forum today to attempt to begin to gather the info I may need to repair/rebuild an old cedar strip canoe.

The canoe itself has been in the family for a few decades. There are some pics of my grandfather in this canoe before I was born.

When my grandfather died, the family cottage was eventually sold. The canoe was homeless, so I took it home in an attempt to save it from the dumpster and maybe return it to its former glory.

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions." As it would turn out, I did not have the space or ability at the time to fix this canoe, so it sat, unshielded in the elements for the past 10 years.

Recently I've begun paddling again, I returned to the canoe (stored at my parents) and decided that with 2 kids of my own now, it's time to get this act together. I just don't have a clue where to start.

So, I started here.
Welcome to the WCHA.

You started at the right place. Use the search function above to look for threads concerning the work your canoe needs. Post a few pictures, that is always a good way to start. You might also order a couple books from the online store. I would recommend: "The Wood and Canvas Canoe," by Jerry Stelmok and Rollin Thurlow as a good first one to get.

Enjoy your canoe and have a good time restoring it.

Jim C.