Looking for someone to take older wood/canvas Old Town canoe


Novice Wood canoe owner
My grandfather passed along an Old Town canoe to my wife and I many years ago. It has been in dry storage for a number of years now, and has not been used for probably 15 years or more.

It is not useful to our family - we have new canoe that the family uses and we would love for someone that truly appreciates older wood/canvas canoes to benefit from this.

Please contact for more inormation.
Quite honestly we know very little about it.
Hello, Bill--

I'm sure your canoe will find an appreciative new home. If you can post the serial number in the section here titled "serial number search", we'll all learn more about the canoe.

Here's a video showing where to find the serial number, if you haven't already seen it on the stem:


Hi Ted -

see http://forums.wcha.org/showthread.php?t=6299 for more info from WCHA members.

quick facts i have learned are:

Old Town 157319 is a 17 foot CS (common sense, or middle grade) HW model canoe that was completed from March to June 1952. It was fitted with a keel and sponsons and was painted with Old Town design #37.

I am located in COncord NH
I take it that you still have the canoe. I have two with sponsons. One (16') completed and one a 1919/20 Carlton (18') with sailing rig waiting attention. They are absolutely great in the water but a different story to pick up. I take your canoe is good condition. Ted
Ted - I still do have the canoe. There have been a number of inquiries about it, which has helped me to learn a little more about it. In response to other questions, none of the ribs are broken, the thwarts and gunwales appear to be fine, there is some work that will be needed with the canvas at the front tip of the canoe. One seat is in the canoe - I believe original caning. The second seat I believe is in my basement and simply came unattached many years ago. We have not used the canoe in at least 7-8 years, but it has been in dry storage all of that time. The weight is a problem for us. If you think you might be interested, please make a recommendation.