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After finishing my last canoe which was a 16' Robertson, I started my new project that I picked up a month ago. It is a HE Crandell that I obtained from a gentleman whose father put it into the barn in 1948 after his wife passed away. And there it sat for 74 years until the barn roof collapsed on it and then it was pulled out into another shed while the barn was being removed. What I got is a 17'er serial #2304 17 that is all original and in great shape with the exception of the middle 3 feet which is where the roof beam landed. four ribs and some planking are broken but the closed gunwales are still intact which is holding the boat together. It will make for an interesting restoration as it is the first all original, untouched canoe I have had.
The canoe came from a house on Lake Chaubunagungamaug in Webster MA and had the number 29 stenciled on both decks. Did Crandell have a livery on this lake which is not far from Lake Quinsigamond? The font of the numbers are similar to others on Crandells that I have seen on this forum. Also what is interesting is the use of steel tacks holding the canvas on. Was this common in these early boats? I'll post pictures as work progresses. Thanks.
What is it about Webster, Mass., and it's propensity for long-named lakes? :D

It does seem that your canoe was in a livery, but not necessarily one operated Crandell.


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It certainly looks like a Crandell. Does it have a tag? It's interesting that the gunwale caps are secured with flathead nails. Most people now days use dome head brass nails. My early Old Town used flathead steel nails which I saved and re-used when I restored the canoe.
I love my Crandell - it's a great canoe.
Yes this one has a tag on the bow deck, but has no name stamped into the thwarts. The flat head copper nails are original and unusual to me as my Robertson and Morris have 1"brass escutcheon pins/nails. I am saving them to reuse to keep the original look. My other Crandell (yet to be restored) has the flat head copper nails as well as a tag and all four thwart ends are stamped, along with two flag holders with pole sockets attached to the stem. Did Crandell make different grade canoes or did he just offer optional accessories? Is there any information available about his livery or others that might have used his canoes? Thanks