Green paint


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I am restoring a 1929 Old Town Sponson canoe. It was originally the normal green color. I am thinking of painting it with Benjamin Moore Enamel. Does anyone have suggestions or paint codes that would match the original green?
Old Town green paint

I had a similiar dilemma trying to find what Old Town's 1952 'Brill green' looked like. If you are lucky enough to have the original canvas, a palm sander will take you through the paint history. With even a small sample Geo. Kirby Paint Co. will match it in marine paint. They are very helpful folks. Old Town told me they do not have samples of the colors used through the years. They do, however, have a nice green a sample of which they will send you.
Kirby's Bottle Green is a very close match to the OT Dark Green (the standard color)

As a bonus, the Kirby folks are a delight to work with!
Pettit makes a "Pine Green" that's a good dark green too. After seeing all the nice results w/ Kirby Paint, I'm thinking I'd try that brand next time...Pettet is a 'local' brand here in NJ and I can find it in a variety of locations along the NJ seashore.