paint question for Old Town

Rick L

Curious about Wooden Canoes
time to order the paint - the build sheet says this canoe was originally dark green with a 1/2 inch gold/yellow stripe. I plan to end up with the number 10 color pattern, dark green with a light green band above the stripe.

I intend to do this in two stages, a single green over all first, so that we can still launch it this year. and then with time to carefully mask and stripe the trim color. - I am no painting pro - but the look will be worth the time.

So I will go with the dark green first since that is the most coverage. My question is - has anyone done a dark green Old Town with Kirby paint (I looked to them because of the color choices)- does the Kirby "bottle" or "blind" green come close? looking at my computer screen I would have picked bronze green but they tell me that is very very dark.

I also see references from searches about rust-o-leum as a canoe paint -- is that as durable as a marine paint on a boat? I just expect a canvas canoe to have different needs from lawn furniture.

Rust-o-leum makes a line of marine finishing products -- paint, varnish, primer, etc. I have no experience with them; I just know they exist. And many here have used non-marine paints with success.
Standard Rustoleum Gloss hunter green ( under $9@ Walmart) is about as good a paint as you can get for a canoe. Kirby Paint can match any color that you want and is good paint. The expensive marine paints with exotic formulae might have more gloss, and be more abrasion resistant, but Rustoleum is hard to beat