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Hello -

I'm hoping to find some information about this Old Town Canoe. It is 16', green canvas exterior, and the numbers in the bow and stern are: 125543 16


Hello Adam
The Old Town Canoe with #125543 is a 16' OTCA, in CS (common sense) grade with spruce rails and birch decks, thwarts and seats. It was shipped to Houston Texas on July 10, 1939. It was painted dark green.

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It is also possible that you could have another number or manufacturer if this description doesn't match your canoe. Feel free to reply here if you have any other questions.
Very interesting - thank you! My great-grandfather bought this canoe in Houston around that same time (late 30's - early 40's). He took good care of it, and then at some point, I am told my great-uncle re-covered the exterior with fiberglass. It is true there is some sort of clear, hard coating on the exterior, but the mat underneath appears to be one continuous piece. I don't know how you would do this unless it's the original canvas or a new, single piece of canvas per side. The color is still dark green.

The wicker seats must have been re-worked at some point because the wicker looks almost perfect.
If it has been fiberglassed, conventional wisdom it to get it off before the boat suffers damage. It may have been glassed over the canvas, which makes it a bit easier.

We have a few members in the Lone Star State who might be able to give you an opinion.