Fuzzy Planks


After stripping the interior of my 1940 OT Yankee, despite all my efforts to the contrary some of the planking has sustained very light damage in the form of "fuzzies", for lack of a better term.

Is this something that won't be noticible when the boat is varnished, or should I be concerned enough to try to sand all those planks between the ribs beforehand (arrrrrrrgh!)?

Are there any secrets to dealing with this issue (other than not creating the problem in the first place), or am I in for hours of sanding with the grain in an attempt to knock them down?

If you look closely by eye or magnifying glass you'll see the hills and valleys and how the fuzz is off the top of the hills. Sand across the grain to knock the hills off with a 220 grit sandpaper that doesn’t have sharp edges. You don't have to sand the plank smooth, just enough to get the fuzz off. Sand lightly and you'll soon get the feel of it.

Hope this helps