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Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hi Everyone:

My name is Russ, I'm a former canoe racer and strip builder, I have built several racing canoes over the years. I am currently working on a 1912 Old Town HW for a friend and have restored three previous wood canvas canoes.
I will be asking a lot of questions about wood canvas canoe restoration in the future, I seem to enjoy bringing old canoes back to life. I am retired and live in Northern N.Y. and enjoy canoeing in the Adirondack's. My Wife said I have too many Canoes and should start building furniture. I figure if it doesn't float what good is it.
My Wife said I have too many Canoes and should start building furniture. I figure if it doesn't float what good is it.

You cna have the best of both worlds...

i could use one of your "too many canoes"

Im looking for an old weathered canoe past its prime. I need it to hang from the rafters of a restaurant called The Blue Canoe.

Catch seems to be that I live in MS and every wooden canoe seems to live way up North(at least what ive found on ebay). I joined here specifically for the purpose finding some helpful advice in hunting one down. Any good advice? How expensive is it to ship a canoe?

I realize Im probably way out of my league of knowledge on here, but hopefully there are a few folks that can help point me in a good direction.

Much Thanks,

Adam Morgan
Hi Adam,

You've come to the right place, I think. Many of us have retrieved canoes from places many states away, using one form of capture or another. And simply speaking up, as you have, may get you what you need... especially at this time of year, when folks may be traveling your direction.

Have you checked our classified section, to see if there's anything for sale close-by that might fill the bill? Checked your area craigslist?

thats good news

I have looked thru the classified, but Im not allowed to reply for some reason. It seems IthacaBill might have a few canoes along the lines of what Im looking for...........which would be in the $200-300 range.

Any clue why I can post here, but cant reply there?

The classifieds are set up so that nobody can post replies--- to discourage open discussion of a canoe someone is trying to sell. You have to email the seller or use the "private message" system.

Good luck-- let us know what you find!