New Forum Member from Wisconsin


Northwest Wisconsin Canoe
Greetings, all!

I've visited WCHA many times, and browse the forum on occasion. While not new to boating or canoes, I am fairly new to wood canoes.

Most of my canoeing has been in aluminum and plastic canoes. Being able to finally get back into boating and boat building, I've settled on the boating genre of wooden canoes. This past summer, I completed a small stitch-n-glue skiff, with a few modifications - one of those being the addition of an electric trolling motor for propulsion. The skiff was intended for use on rivers, streams and small lakes. After a few trips, this just doesn't seem like my style of boating - so, back to the canoe! :)

I live in the northwestern part of Wisconsin, where we have many small lakes, streams and rivers to enjoy. If you want rapids and white water, that's here, too, but not for me. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be enjoying the info and company of other canoeists in the forum. Thanks!