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Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
I am new to wood boats and this site looks to be a great resource. I own and operate a canoe livery on the Tallapoosa River in North Alabama on the Owen's Canoe Trail.

I recently purchased my first wood canoe, a Cedar Island Canoe. Supposedly a 1994 model. I am looking for an older canoe at this time, but its pretty hard to find canoes like that in this part of the world.

Any information would be greratly appreciated.
Lex Brown
Check with Michael Grace. He is located in Florida and would be a GREAT source of information for you....Welcome to WCHA.....If you go to the member index you can click on his name and send him a private message on here....I am sure others will be jumping in on here.:D
Traveling for Canoes

There was a time--- about a dozen canoes ago--- when I thought we had to look for canoes within a half-day's drive of home. But ever since one beautiful canoe lured us on a week-long adventure, buying a canoe has involved travel... and despite gas prices, this has been a nice thing for Denis and me. We've met some great folks and seen some beautiful sights.

You may want to check out the "classifieds" listings on this website. Sellers can be very accommodating... some may be willing to drive part-way.

A great way to figure out what it is you want in a canoe is to attend the Assembly in July... and you may return home with a canoe! If you haven't watched the WCHA video, start there (see "About the WCHA" on the home page)... you'll get a sense of what WCHA, and the yearly Assembly, and wood canoe ownership, is all about.

Thanks for the warm welcome

Thanks for the good information and welcome! I actually got an email from Michael yesterday. Very pleased to find this site/organization.
I have a number of them if you're interested. I'm in SW GA. Not too far compared to Maine or Michigan. I have never sold one - only bought, but the livery is getting full.
I'd love to see your collection sometime. I am still learning about old wood canoes. Do you mind shooting me an email address, or other contact info?