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Kathryn Klos

squirrel whisperer
260260590793 is the item-number for a canoe of unknown maker... will attach pictures here as well.

Interesting that it has rush seats. I'm wondering if they wouldn't get too bulky if they got wet... originally, rush seats were made using cattail leaves. These look like kraft paper.

Nice thwart.

Anybody know what it is?


  • rush seat UFO2.JPG
    rush seat UFO2.JPG
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  • rush seat UFO on H2O.JPG
    rush seat UFO on H2O.JPG
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  • rush seat UFO thwart.JPG
    rush seat UFO thwart.JPG
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  • rush seat UFO.JPG
    rush seat UFO.JPG
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Rush seats seem like a bad idea... except they did confuse me to the point that I didn't recognize that carry-thwart-- we have a Shell Lake stashed in a friend's garage... not exactly an intact canoe, but I've handled that little carry-thwart.