Eau Galle Canoes

Timothy Eaton

Curious about Wooden Canoes
I'm hunting for information on Eau Galle Canoes ...a ceadr strip canoes with black graphite bottom.

Even the most basic information will be appreciated–
builders name, location and production status– active or inactive.
canoe types/models offered (tripping, racing, both)
contact info: phone number, email

Thanks ...

I am responding to your query about Eau Galle Canoes. They were made by Martin Van in the 1990s. I own one I wish to sell to someone who understands their beauty and will care for it. The model is a low-freeboard Superior model, about 17". Call me at 608-251-0912 or email me at findleng@tds.net for more detail.

George Findlen
I own one. Paddled down the Mississippi with it. 18' straight keel, round bottom. Great open water canoe, needs lots of gear - otherwise a little bouncy. I've never been in a canoe that can go straight like this one :) I sit up in the middle on open water, get the right angle of attack and away I go straight across the lake. Biggest lake I went across in some fairly large waves was Lake Winnibigoshish MN. Just throwing in my 2cents, not sure if I want to sell, but it is spending too much time in the basement now.