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I have finally started to get the database initiated for hull ID and serial number of boats made by Thompson Bros. Boat Mfg. Co. at Peshtigo, WI. Up to now, I have done this by hand on index cards (really!!) I have gotten all known to me Thompson of Peshtigo boats entered.

I have 379 entries total (379 boats and canoes). Fifty percent or more are incomplete in some fashion. All I know is a hull ID for some. I don't have a year or model or owner's name for many. Some I just know an owner's name but have no boat model or year, etc...

Of the 379 total, 95 are Sea Lancer and Super Lancer models; 80 are Sea Coaster and 12 are lapstrake Thomboy models; there are 29 Off-Shore models; 5 Lap-Chine; 22 Take-Aong; 15 strip built 1950s Thomboys; and 31 miscellaneous TVT strip built boats. There are numerous misc. models. Only about three canoes so far!

I am entering boat year, hull ID, serial number, model, owner's name and address and contact informaiton.

I am concentrating on boats built 1970 and earlier, both wood and fiberglass. Eventually I will do this for boats by Cruisers, Inc.; T & T Boats, Inc.; Thompson Bros. Boat Mfg. Co. at Cortland, NY; and Thompson Boat Company of New York, Inc.

If you want to be added, let me know via a direct email or phone call.

What is the reason for this? It helps in determining the production of these boat builders. As an example, there were more Sea Lancer models in the database than any other model. This surprised me, given the fact that the Sea Coaster was in production for seven years longer than the Sea Lancer. It also aids in determining a year of boat if all that is know is the serial number (no hull ID known).

Keep in mind that hull ID's are stamped into the wood of the transom, inside the boat. Serial numbers are on a small recangular metal tag. They are different. Also, hull ID's did not start to get placed on Thompson Boats until circa 1946 and serial numbers were first used circa 1957.

Get in touch to see if you are included.

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I am continuing the database. I have gotten into it for T & T BOATS, INC. of Wausaukee, Wisconsin. This was another spin-off from Thompson and Cruisers boats. T & T built wooden lapstrake power boats from 1960 to late 1964.

I have only a few Thompson canoes included thus far in the Thompson Bros. Boat database.

I have what I believe to be a 1963 Grady White Hatteras. I expect it to be a Hatteras based on length and beam, but only assume it’s a 63 because that’s the date stamped into the fire extinguisher. Glen Grady started building boats after his early career building for Thomson and cruisers in Wisconsin. Maybe he used the same system for marking hull numbers on his boats as Thomson and it’s subsidiaries did on theirs. Do you have any input regarding hull numbers on Grady White boats? My was found inside the the transom on the port side “FB5284T”

Robert Fish.