Cedarwood Prospector


Hi All. New member JimBinTN here. Recently acquired a Cedarwood Prospector in great condition. Would like to know more about it. Serial number (reading from stern) is "94" (as read from port side), then "2354" (as read from bow). It could be "4532" since the numbers are arranged vertically. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

The seller bought the canoe used 10 years ago, and was told it was about 2 years old at that time, but the serial number sounds like made in 1994.

Here is my understanding of the genesis of Cedarwood Canoes: When Chestnut Canoes closed their shop in Fredericton, New Brunswick, the shop foreman, Carl Jones bought the molds at that location, and started Cedarwood Canoes using those same molds.

In recent years, Carl Jones and son sold (or otherwise transferred) the business to the Ojibway Nation, who is/was producing the same models under the name Great Spirit Canoes. Great Spirit has a beautiful website, but I have received no answers from several phone calls and emails, so I don't know whether they are still in business.

Any information on how to contact anyone who knows anything about Cedarwood Canoes would be greatly appreciated.



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