Do you know who built this sweet little boat?

Very Pretty

Whoever buys this boat should learn Walter's story, too... this boat began with a story that should travel along with it.
I'm still in the dark.....

can you elaborate on the builder and on Walter?
I'll be happy to forward the information to the ebay seller so he can include it in his listing.
Walter is the name of the gentleman in whose honor the canoe was built. My guess (and this is just a guess) is that the builder may be someone who builds canoes one-at-a-time, with loving care, out of his backyard shop-- as many who post here do. It appears that the canoe was donated (in Walter's name) to raffle off, to earn money for a hospice. Perhaps the builder could be tracked down by contacting the donor.

Not familiar with the Renegades but one of my paddling buddies is a Tribesman and they do occasional community services. They're not just a motorcylce club anymore. You can check the obits for the Det news for the deceased online. Hospice records are probably confidential but they may know about the donations. Hospice is in yellow pages. Or Google the Renegades.