1940's 19' mahogany canoe


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I have the chance to buy a cold molded mahogany canoe that was built in Connecticut in 1947 or '48. It spent the next fifty years at a boys camp in the Adirondaks. It needs a new gunwale and new thwarts and seats but the hull is in remarkably good condition. The only longitudinals in the whole boat are the keel and the inwales/outwales. The planking is diagonal, two layers about 1/8" by 4-5 inches. Does anyone know who might have built this boat? Or know what the original seats and thwarts might have looked like?

After some help from the WoodenBoat Forum guys I think this canoe was built by Luders Marine Construction Company. Anyone know anything more?

Ran into one of those here this spring

I'm in Western Michigan and ran into one of those in an antique shop. It was sitting outside and was in need of major refinish although the structure seemed sound on a cursory look. It was there all winter and I finally couldn't resist stopping and asking about it. He wanted $2,200 and was not willing to negotiate. Needless to say I wished him luck on his sale and left. About a month later it was gone. Are these molded boats that rare to command that kind of money?
Thanks for those articles, Dan. I tried to post the pics here but no joy.
Ron, I woundn't even be considering this canoe if they wanted half of $2,200. He's asking $300 but maybe he'll take $250. I'll figure out posting pics here after I take possession.

$200 to $300

As the title says I was thinking $200 to $300 was a fair price for the canoe in the antique shop. He was so high and non negotiable when I told him I thought $2,200 was a bit much that I didn't even make an offer. I was impressed with how light that boat was. Will be interested in your pictures when available.