Dippy Boats


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Disappearing Propeller or DP hence Dippy Boats
Just learned of these boats.Does anybody know if the canoe companies made any.They seem to be of simular construction and something that they may have also offered for sale
Anybody know about them or own one?
Hello Dan,

Yes, Sam Botting’s company Lindsay Boat Company, which produced the “dippys” between 1926 and 1936.
This company also built canoes and other small watercraft and was in operation from 1921to 1939 and called its canoe line; Big Chief Canoes.:)

Dick Persson
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This company was the only builder of these boats?If so they must be rare.Some time ago Dave Lanthier in Kamloops posted pictures of an unknown and unusual boat,if you remember the post Dick was this boat a dippy?
The Dippy Boats were made by several manufacturers from 1915 by the Disappearing Boat Co until 1950 when Greavette made the last ones.
They have a large following, mostly in Canada. I suggest you Google "Dispro Boats" and you may learn more than you need to about the Greatest Little Motor Boat Ever Made. My Dad was a collector of these for many years and we have many fond memories - mostly of fixing and bailing.
Hi dboles. The boat I posted was a 1905 Chestnut 20' motor canoe which is not the same as a Dippy boat. The tv program called "The Antique Hunter" has featured the Dippy boat a few times. It's a neat little rig.