Canoe footwear again

Larry Meyer

Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
Sometime back I got a thread going on idea canoe camping footwear. Don’t want to crank it all up again, but saw something in a Bean catalogue that was interesting. (Personally, I seldom look at the Bean catalogue, but well, it was there on the top of the toilet, so . . .)

The item of interest was that Bean has started to offer 10 inch and six inch bean boots with waxed canvas, instead of leather, uppers. This looks like it might make for a more water resistant boot. I don’t know about you, but I have never succeeded in making my leather Bean boot uppers very impervious to H2O.

I have used and like the waxed canvas products of C.C. Filson, pants and coats. I think Bill Mason wrote that he was a little disappointed in the waxed canvas approach to water-proofing. My own experience is that I’ve never found any waterproof rainwear, but what waxed canvas products do, when wet, is stiffen up to several degrees of magnitude, thus leaving the rain to bounce off you like it hit armor plate. A good Filson hat in rainstorm becomes like a helmet.

So this waxed canvas upper looks promising to me and I may give them a try. Anybody else have experience with them?
I do.

I have a pair and like them alot. Sawdust sticks to them so I try to keep them away from that activity. But I often will wear them in the woodshop too. I think you will like them. No leaks so far.
How do they handle wet? Not over the boot-tops up to your knees wet, but modest submersion. Better than leather tops?
Hi Larry

I have not had a leak yet. I suppose a good test would be to see how long it takes to get wet feet. I have not done continuous submersion tests. Getting in and out of the canoe, wet entry. Not a problem. I don't have leather top, so can't compare. I like the light weight.