Dundee Boats canoe?


I'd rather be paddling...
Hi folks,
I'm going to try to repair a wooden canoe for a friend, but first I'd like to know if there is anything unique about it.
It has a plaque on it that reads: 'Dundee Boats, Thompson & Kellogg, No 30'.
I found a little about Dundee Boats with a google search, but not much. Apparently they made small power boats sold mostly on the east coast, but I found no references about them building canoes.
The construction is molded plywood, it's just over 16' long.
My questions:
When might it have been built?
How many would have been made?
Is the No 30 a series number or just a model number?
Where can I find more information about fixing a hole in the plywood?
Does anyone else have one of these?
Does anyone have a more detailed history about the company?

Thanks much, any help is appreciated,
Ken S
I don't have any specific information for you, but I know there have been discussions of the molded plywood canoes here in the past. You should be able to get some general information about them by using the "search" function above, and plugging in "molded plywood"... but sometimes that's what comes up in a Google search, so you may already have found it.

Found Dundee Boats (sort of)

Thanks Kathy,

I found a number of molded plywood threads in WCHA forums, but nothing specifically about Dundee Boats.

I finally found just the right search string for google and came up with this web site http://www.flbm.org/dundee_molded_plywood_canoe.htm

They are the Finger Lakes Boating Museum, and they apparently have an example of this canoe in their collection.

I emailed my questions to them, so I'll see what happens.

Thanks, and I'll be back with more questions once I start the repairs.