Dip tank stripping

Tom Widney

LOVES Wooden Canoes
I have a 16ft OT Guide that needs stripping, since I have been in a wheelchair since 1971 as a result of a auto accident on the Fernberg road on my way back to Sommers Canoe Base while I was working as a canoe guide during my college years, I have decided that stripping the varnish off the canoe by my self would be some what akin to taking a bath in those harsh chemicals, I've found a local outfit to do the dip tank trip for me.

My question is, I have allready, 15 years, ago removed the canvas, thrown away the keel, but have left the outside rails on the canoe by cutting the canvas off just below the rails. Do I leave the outer gunnels on when I take it to be dipped? or remove them and have them dipped seperatley? I'm afraid that with out the rails on the canoe or the railswould be more likely do be damaged during the process. I live in Alubuquerque and the locals hardly know what water is much less a wooden canoe. How about the seats and thwarts for that matter?