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Steve Ambrose

Nut in a Canoe
The build sheet for this boat has a note at the bottom under the color (GS Green) that appears to read "Glen Arvon on R. Bow". Arvon might be Arrow - hard to read. Anyone have any ideas what this is? I'm guessing it may be a camp name the purchaser had stenciled on the canoe but that's a SWAG.
My guess is that Glen Arvon was written in large letters on the right bow. The information at indicates that Bremo, Virginia where it appears to have shipped had a farm named Glen Arvon in the area. The attachements at may give you some ideas of what the lettering might have looked like.

The build record is attached below in case anyone else wants to offer any other intrepretations.



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Thanks Benson. It didn't even occur to me to Google Glen Arvon. I did so after your response turned up so much history and found the web site for the farm. Under the link "What's in a name? The history and variations of Glenarvon" the last paragraph mentions Warren F. O'Brien - the same name on the build sheet!