Cost of recanvasing

Michael Leone

You call that a sail?
I would like to get an idea of how much it will cost
to have my 39 Otca recanvased.
and who might be close to me in north Jersey that could do it?
Here are some pics.


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It seems I grabed the wrong pics, thats a Chestnut Moonlight
Deluxe molded mahogony veneer thing I'm working on.
here are the right ones I think


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Al Bratton @ Woodstrip Watercraft is close to Philadelphia. He's been restoring w/c canoes for a long time. When you refer to recanvassing, do you mean disassemble, oil, recanvas, fill, paint, and reassemble? If so, the cost could easily be $1200-$1400. The outside stems, rub rail, and two tone paint job all take extra time over the usual canoe.
If you are going to do the disassembling, oiling, filling, painting, and reassembling then $300-$400 will probably be enough. If you can get together with one of the chapters, they might do it for a project for just the cost of the canvas. Gil