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Tom Widney

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I have an 18'ft oldtown that needs recanvasing. I am a novice at this have read some of the literature on the subject and am wondering, just how difficult is this project? It appears from first glance that the most difficult part for me would be theactual streacthing, fitting and tacking of the canvas to the canoe, The rest appears to be a lot of hard rubbing and sanding. Any one care to enlighten me?

No Worrys Mate


Do you have canvas clamps and clothes pins as detailed in other areas of this site?

Some anchor points in your garage (hint use your wife's car - just make sure she doesn't take off to go shopping when you are working on the canoe!)?

A come-a-long or other means of tightening the canvas?

Upside down or right side up?

Do you have some canvas pliers?

Do you have the tacks and or monel or stainless staples?

If so, you are all set. A helper is nice. Give it a shot. I think you will find that the canvas part is a whole lot easier than the sanding part.



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