cleaning up brass hardware


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Any suggestions on shining up the brass hardware on an old OT? Should I even bother?
Sure, it won't last but its great for pictures and special occasions. Any brass cleaner you're comfortable with (like Brasso). Don't use a buffing wheel except on the bench as one can't control them precisely. Elbow grease. Ever hear the term "brass monkey"? Get a couple.
Thanks, I was hoping that there would be some fabulous invention that I could just dip them in for a sparkling shine. Time to roll up the sleeves.
From my navy days: BRASSO.

From my submarine days (when we couldn't foul the atmosphere with something so "volatile"): citric acid. Stick a penny into a lemon -- it comes out shiny brite. Use some orange or lemon "kool aid" powder on a damp rag to scour off any discoloration from brass or bronze, works great!
Final brass polish

After you have the major tarnish and oxidation removed with Brasso or citric acid, try ordinary lipstick for a final polishing compound. Rub it on a brass part and polish with a soft cloth and elbow grease. It gives a fantastic polish that lasts for, oh a week or two, until the brass starts tarnishing again from natural oxidation.

Jewelers Polishing Rouge is made from the same compound as lipstick.