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Chestnut Featherweight2.jpgChestnut Featherweight.jpgChestnut Featherweight3.jpgChestnut Featherweight1.jpgGood day everyone.

I have been trying to research a Chestnut Featherweight purchased new by my Father I believe in the mid-late fifties. He was a Geologist and started his career prospecting in northern Labrador. He told me years ago he used such a small canoe as it was easier to portage etc. At any rate, it ended up being used by our family at our cottage thru the 70's and 80's. Mid 90's I took it upon myself to have it professionally restored. New canvas, gunnels varnish etc. I believe it cost somewhere in the area of $800. at the time. Since then, it hung in the cottage as a piece of nostalgia. My parents sold the cottage around 10 years ago and I have been storing the canoe ever since and am now wondering if there is a market for it. I haven't come across any 11 footers for sale and am wondering if it might be a little rare? The stern stem is stamped with the numbers 6656 11FEA

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and look forward to any feedback you might have.

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Regarding what is my canoe worth?, the best advice is found here:

There is a Chestnut Featherweight for sale on Kijiji in British Columbia,, which states:

Vintage 11' Chestnut wood/canvas canoe. "Feather Weight" model, weighs only 40 lbs. These are a very rare Chestnut canoe. If you want one this may be your only chance you will ever have. Documentated full restoration, including new canvas, just completed by an expert. Unused since. More pictures and information available. Collector/restorer needs to make room.

Seller is asking $2650 CDN....but this is fully restored.
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Dick Persson may chime in here (hopefully), but I have a Featherweight as well, and while Chestnut made them over a vast range of years, I get the impression that they did not make a lot of them. We'll never know how many were built, but the availabilty of this model for sale seems somewhat scarce. In researching the model for myself, I came across pricing that was $2800-$3500. I take mine to boat shows and the little cutie commands a lot of attention.
Your "mileage may vary" when selling a canoe, and as always it is a matter of finding the right buyer, poised to spend, on the right day..
The one in BC is still available. It was a one owner kept in a heated garage and seldom used. How do I know you ask? Because I'm the one selling it. Thanks for the plug WoodNCanvas.


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