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Curious about Wooden Canoes
A lovely old 15' canoe, 28" inside inwales, small decks.
Any ideas on model & age would be appreciated.
Thanks Anthony. Yes I have used this site to identify a number of canoes that have passed through my shop. It would suggest that this would be a Crusoe as it is 15' long and narrow. The specs say 15' x 28" x 12". This one is 27 1/2 between the inwales, 31 1/2 inside at the widest, and 13 1/2 deep from the top of the centre thwart. Could it be that it was custom made deeper for a customer?
Probably not a Crusoe. The Crusoe would truly be 28" maximum beam, and you've measured significantly more than that. Most likely it is their 15' Pleasure canoe, which would be Chum, Twozer, or Doe, depending on vintage, rib width, seat style, etc...

Couple things to keep in mind - first, Chestnut specs are variable, and the canoes sometimes don't match the catalog specs. Second, my ID pages haven't been updated for some time, and sometimes only give some information. For example the beam of the 15' Chestnut pleasure canoe was changed in the catalogs, but this isn't mentioned in my guide. Also, the serial number scheme that I outline there I no longer believe to be valid. I really should take some time to update the pages, but funny, my wife thinks it is more important to rebuild the now non-existant kitchen (odd priorities if you ask me... :rolleyes: )

Thanks Dan,
The ribs are 1 1/2' wide, 1 1/2" apart and 5/16th thick.

An updated specs page would be most appreciated and....

Good Luck with the renovations!