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Mark Adams

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Hi All,

Does anyone know who the owner is of the cedar rib canoe that is on the home page slideshow? I just purchased one, and would like to get some detail pics of the stem/deck area.


Who made yours, Mark? The one on the slideshow is a J.S. Stephenson. Its owned by a WCHA member, though not a forum participant.

We also have a Peterborough cedar rib in the ABM collection that I can photograph next week.

Hi Mark,

Here is a picture of a ca 1930’s Peterborough cedar-rib deck. Peterborough Canoe Co used several different styles of decks and cap-planks on the cedar-ribs over the years. The early ones had one piece decks.

Dick Persson


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That's interesting Dick. If you don't mind me asking any ideas of the approximate age of a peterborough cedar rib with one piece decks (butternut with walnut king plank)?
This is sooo interesting. I would love to see photos of your new purchase. I live about 15 miles from Mr Stephensons grave site and have seen an original untouched canoe of his in the Lovell Historical Societies building. There is a building form in there that may well be his also. Now we may not be talking about the same Mr Stephenson as this gentleman was a builder in Norway Maine around the turn of the century. If it is, the canoe that is on display is available to me to take photos and dimensions as long as it is not disturbed or moved. I might add that this one has very thin thwarts and ribs and is not a very fancy model.
Here are some deck/stem pics (from a Peterborough) for you, Mark. Let me know if this is what you're looking for.



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Thanks all! Michael, Those are exactly what I was looking for. The outside stems on the one I am getting are replacements. They protrude about 1" above the deck. I didn't think they looked right, but now I have confirmation from all the pics that were posted here.

I returned to civilization yesterday. We got snowed out. It is a little boring sitting inside the cabin, reading, with all the GWW outside. We got in a great hike on Tues though.

Mark, my original front stem was still close to accurate. If your going to bend and shape one I went through a big ordeal getting mine done and would be happy to provide any useful information.