Buying Cedar in Northern Maine Questions


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As my retirement nears and I still have a few bucks in my pocket, I want to buy some cedar.
I googled "cedar" and found a few names in Northern Maine that sell cedar. My daughter is in that area with a pick up truck from time to time and I thought I could arrange for her to pick up some for me.
Does anyone have any names of dealers or mills in that area that are "canoe builders friendly" before I start making calls?
I would like to start with enough wood to build 4 16' canoes, and I'm not sure what to ask for as far as planking material and rib material. I understand the 1/4 sawn vs flatsawn thing, but after that I'm at a loss as far as what lenghts and size boards I should look for.
Since this is only a hobby for me, and I'll be on a fixed income soon, keeping expenses down is a major concern for me. I have plenty of time to prepare (resaw)the wood after I buy it, so I hoping to find some cedar at it's source and save some with my own labor.
Thanks for any help.
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You could try This person is in Thorndike, Me. Have never bought from him but according to his site he has been in business for 20 years. Other people may have better sources.
try portage mills cedar, nice people they are on route 11 just before portage lake.
Maine Cedar

Tweedie Lumber in Thorndike is a good source for clear cedar. Bruce usually has a decent selection of 1x3 for rib stock and 1x4 for planking.
Canoenut, Thanks, I will contact Tweedie, it's near my daughter's place so it works out good, she won't have to pick it up for me.

Steve, Thanks for the heads up on 1x3 and 1x4, a big help.

Paul, Thanks for the info, I will make an effort to stop in there when I get up there some day. Thanks for the reply
you can also try Hanington Lumber here in wytopitlock me, call and talk to Scott the owner, 207-456-7850, I have bought quite a bit from him building lakers he dose grade, and sets a side clear lumber has it from 6ft up all different widths, all he saws there is ceder so if he doesn't have what you want. he can saw and fill a order, just takes a bit longer when your looking for canoe stock. You can tell him Steve Wilcox gave you his number and he will have an idea what your need for canoes.
It took a while but tomorrow....

I will be picking up a load of cedar from Tweedie Lumber in Thorndike, Maine.

I have been here in Columbia, Maine (downeast Maine) visiting my daughter, son in law and grandson all week. Right now we are getting socked in with some serious snow, the snow shoeing and cross country skiing was great but the ride south to Tweedie's and then onto Connecticut will be interesting tomorrow.
I called him and he said he would set aside some 1x3 ($50 worth) and 1x4 ($100 worth).

I never bought cedar or built a canoe, but figured this amount seemed like a good place to start. I have some at home already, so I hope I'm good. We'll see.

Thanks for the helpful information.