Adirondack Museum

Mark Adams

all wood nut
Hi All,

Is there anyone near the Adirondack museum that could take a couple of pictures of a particular canoe there? They have a Peterborough Cedar Rib in their collection. I need pictures of the outer stems and the decks, as well as the approx age of the canoe.

Hallie's book shows their canoe, it is listed as a 1904 canoe. It has the "Solid Comfort" style deck and coaming.

We (the ABM) also have a Peterborough cedar rib, 1909 or earlier, probably a number 4 model with standard decking. I can easily take photos of this canoe if it would be helpful.
Hi Dan,

Thanks for your reply. I have ordered Hallie's book. The pic I have is in a very early issue of Wooden Canoe, taken by Jeff Dean. It shows a rib canoe with stems similar to mine. ( I think, the photo is a bit fuzzy). I am after pics of that canoes stems. If it isn't a terrible inconvenience, could you pop a couple of the one in the abm?

Hope this isn't too off topic but, although it may not have the detail you're looking for an interesting reference is the book Croisieres en Canoe 1908-1912 by Ernest Sexe. In a nutshell it's the story of 2 couples travels by canoe (2 nice 16' Peterborough cedar ribs!) down a number of rivers in France during the years stated. All the text is in French but there are lots of photos and is an interesting peek into the rarely seen turn of the century European canoeing tradition. I didn't google it but it's probably out there for sale in Europe somewhere.