Becky Mason's notes on canoeing

Becky Mason

Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
My Winter 2011 Newsletter is here!

It has lots of news and notes about national and international art and canoe happenings.
Read all about it at:

Included in it are details on

Canoe Notes
- dvd in the making, fancy paddling, wilderness slideshow, paddling map and new boating reg. in Canada

Canoe Travels
- Europe & UK paddling tour and looking back at the launching of Waterwalker.

Mason's Fav Pics:
- free movies to watch.
Great newsletter....looking forward to Becky's second DVD....I'm hoping to get to Princess Cinema in Kitchener on March 24th to see her Dad's Waterwalker....Becky will be in attendance to introduce this great film....Becky also linked to Mike Monaghan's great photography (a letter carrier, he's an incredible photographer....pretty fair paddler....and a darn good guitar player).