Carleton Canoe S/N 89899


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Was wondering if anyone could tell me some info on my 17Ft Carleton Canoe

Serial Number 89899
Please check the serial number again. 205XX is the highest number in the Carleton records. It's also possible you have a canoe by a different builder, so posting pictures would be helpful.

Found your older post with pictures, and it sure looks like a Carleton... so check the numbers again and hopefully we can pull up the record!
You might check the Old Town numbers, as occasionally OT and Carleton numbers were interchanged. Gil
89899 and 66868

I ran these serial numbers in the Old Town records--- neither states they shipped a Carleton for an Old Town, but I'll post the records here for all to see and speculate about. The canoe in question is a 17 footer. It's been for sale on eBay and the following information may be of interest to perspective buyers--- I have no financial interest in this canoe and don't plan to bid--- my interest has been "curiosity" as the canoe looks like a Carleton to me. Any theories would be fun to toss around.

OT 89899 is a 17 foot CS (common sense or middle) grade HW model canoe with open spruce gunwales and ash decks, thwarts, and seat frames. It was shipped June 8, 1926 to North East Harbor, ME.

OT 66868 is a 17 foot AA (top) grade Otca model canoe with open mahogany gunwales and mahogany decks/thwarts/seat frames that was shipped June 14, 1922 to Olyphant, PA.

These records are posted below--- click on them to get larger images... and if anyone reading this wants to chip in to help support this not-for-profit service, the WCHA would be very appreciative.



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This is a case where the ability to cross reference the original Carleton shipping logs that I got a few weeks ago can help solve the mystery. The one attached below shows that a Carleton canoe with serial number 89899 shipped to the same person on the same date. It appears that the decks were changed but they neglected to note this on the build record or change the serial number. Early June is typically a very busy time in the canoe business so an occasional clerical error is not surprising. I will not be bidding and hope that this one finds a good home. Good luck with the auction,



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